Comprehensive plans and campaigns that strengthen, advance and evolve company brands 

Gryphon combines the benefits and background of a large marketing and communications agency with the personal relationships and individualized support of a small business. CEO Colleen Hahn has more than twenty-five years of experience in the field of marketing and brand leadership, during which time she focused on helping position clients for future growth and expansion. This experience has led Ms. Hahn to recognize that marketing theory alone is not enough to succeed in those industries undergoing transformations caused by technological revolutions or changing social consciousness. Ms. Hahn and the team at Gryphon have a perspective unique in the consulting sector. Acting as “sentinels” across a variety of disciplines that include nonprofit, technological, scientific and entertainment sectors, the team is able to measure and detect early-stage market shifts and provide consulting services to expand donor and investor support.

Gryphon works closely with our clients to generate personalized marketing strategies, weaving each client’s background and innovative products into a cohesive, accessible and effective message to reach their target audience while maintaining careful vigil over the external pressures on the market space. For Corporate Social Responsibility programs, Gryphon develops and implements the RFP process to ensure community outreach and nonprofit partner relationships align with the mission and goals of an organization and its employees. With a team that has worked both internally and as a consultant for nonprofit organizations, Gryphon is able to provide unique guidance built around best practices for donor outreach, sponsor support and corporate giving programs. From strategic plan engagements and business growth strategies to tactical communications programs, Gryphon contributes to the development and cultivation of a company’s vision and business strategy.  We work with executive management, boards and leadership teams to conceptualize strategy, develop short and long range goals and implement those carefully evaluated programs to ensure results. Our professional team and vendor partnerships focus on delivering client satisfaction through measurable, accountable deliverables and client services.

Bringing innovations to market from a sales development and marketing perspective

Our combined expertise provides solutions for a range of business objectives to assist our clients in:

  • Securing funding
  • Branding
  • Launching products and solutions
  • Developing sponsor and partnership programs
  • Business development growth strategies
  • Creating and developing entertainment properties
  • Crafting and implementing full scale marketing and communications programs
  • Events and Summits - development and implementation strategies
  • Development of expedition programs
  • Executive thought leadership programs


Nonprofit Consulting and Strategy

Organizational Assessment

  • Board Recruitment and Development
  • Donor Engagement and Outreach
  • Sponsor and Partner Programs


Integrated Strategic Marketing, Media and Communications

Strategic Planning and Brand Stewardship

  • Strategic plan development, delivery and oversight to tactical implementation
  • Market research, analysis and segmentation and position
  • Competitor analysis
  • Brand Development and valuation
    • Architecture and naming
    • Baseline audit, media image, web and digital
    • SWOT analysis – differentiation, values and benefits
      • Position statement and messaging
      • Benefits and values, dif­ferentiators
      • Target market and audience identification and review
  • Business development and partner programs
  • Marketing and communications planning - delivery, oversight and implementation

Marketing and Communications Services

  • Investor and finance support services – messaging, materials, presentation training
  • Technology and investor analyst relations
    • Analyst tours, materials and presentations
  • Public relations, media and communications
    • Press and Media relations
    • Editorials, whitepapers, case studies
    • Press tours
    • Tradeshows and events
    • Calendars
  • Corporate and public trust
    • Executive thought leadership campaigns
    • Media training
    • Reputation management
    • Corporate Social Responsibility programs
    • Internal communications
    • Crisis communications
    • Public affairs oversight
  • Website, digital and social media
    • Oversight on website - design, content and analytics
  • Social media campaigns, blogs
  • Digital advertising campaign development

Sponsor Procurement and Sales

  • Sponsorship and partner program development and implementation

Literary and Copywriting Services

  • Scripts, treatments and literary services
  • Advertising content
  • Blog and digital media content


  • Development and oversight on design, copywriting and implementation

Events and Summits

  • Media and science summits
  • Industry vertical events and festivals
Gryphon CEO Colleen Hahn (center) with members of the Naval History and Heritage Command Underwater Archaeology Branch and the Howell Torpedo, one of the U.S. Navy’s earliest self-propelled torpedoes, discovered by Navy Dolphins in March, 2013 off the coast of Southern California.

Gryphon CEO Colleen Hahn (center) with members of the Naval History and Heritage Command Underwater Archaeology Branch and the Howell Torpedo, one of the U.S. Navy’s earliest self-propelled torpedoes, discovered by Navy Dolphins in March, 2013 off the coast of Southern California.