Discovery, Exploration and Technology:

A privately held marine technology company connects its innovative technology offerings with the general public to broaden ocean awareness.


The privately held marine technology company was seeking alternative channels to increase its visibility as a leader in marine technology products and services, while promoting the value/benefits of its current technology offerings as a platform for underwater exploration, research and data collection. In addition, the Company had a long range product roll out schedule for their next generation product and wanted to establish a runway to support the product's launch in 2016.


After reviewing the goals and priorities along with the budget, Gryphon developed a series of pitch and treatment ideas that would:

  1. Promote the ocean industry and specifically technologies 
  2. Showcase the company and its technology as maverick in the industry
  3. Look for 3rd party validation through partners and sponsors for the program

Gryphon created a strategy, pitch and target list for top-tier documentary producers based on Gryphon's relationships in the industry. The strategy included a phased approach based on the status of the technology and delivery cycle. Gryphon also reviewed the broader market in ocean-related film content and created supplemental story opportunities for use in additional programs.

Key Elements:

  • Baseline audit and audience/market and stakeholder review for project
  • Identification, crafting and implementation of potential story ideas to target list of producers
  •  Feedback from Producers indicated additional feature opportunities
  • Gryphon worked directly with the lead producer to extent the focus of the story and include celebrity participation
  • Implementation of contracts and negotiations
  • Delivery of additional program on short time lines
  • Continued story development for additional programs


Gryphon secured a segment on Discovery's Daily Planet for Shark Week 2014. A preview of the episode, in which the company takes Daily Planet and rapper Macklemore on a search for sixgill sharks, can be seen here. Two additional stories were also developed for an ancillary program to be completed in a six month time frame. 

In 2016, to expand our footprint in the film and entertainment sector, Gryphon launched Halowix.